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Core Lightning

Core Lightning is supported in Vortex. As of now, CLN is not fully compatible as it does not have taproot support. Vortex supports CLN version 0.10.2 using the json-rpc.

If you are looking for a guide on how to set up cln, please see their documentation

Supported Features

  • Lightning channel opens ⚡


First in your vortex.conf file you'll need to set the lightningImplementation to cln:

vortex.lightningImplementation = "cln"

Then you'll need to configure the cln backend. The cln backend has the following configuration options:

vortex.cln.datadir = "/home/user/.lightning"
vortex.cln.rpcuser = "rpcuser"

By default, Vortex will use the default cln datadir. If you are using a custom cln datadir you will need to set these values in your vortex.conf file.